Wednesday Runday

By and for the ASML Runners Club. A casual hour run before or after work: 7-8K at 7:30/km, or 10K at 6:00/km.

Upcoming route

Date 6:00/km (10 km/h) 7:30/km (8 km/h)
24 Jul 2024 Wednesday 24 Jul 2024 10K Route 7 8K Route 7

Generic Information

We gather on the running track on Wednesdays at 7:00, 16:00 and 17:15. Please make sure you're part of the Whatsapp Group for that timeslot, we'll check in on Tuesday (for the morning group) or Tuesday/Wednesday for the afternoon groups.
The dressing rooms and showers are located in the bicycle basements below 7D and 7F. Don't leave your valuables here, but clothing is fine (still protected by badge access).
Please read our safety rules carefully and act accordingly.

Previously run routes

Please register on this site and log into get access to the whatsapp groups and to all previously run routes.