The ASML Runners Club is an official association ("vereniging" in Dutch). To become a member of the ASML Runners Club, you have to be an employee of ASML (you need to have an ASML e-mail address), and you have to apply explicitely and pay the membership fee, which is €10 per year. ASML supports and sponsors part of our activities.

To check your membership status, login or register on this site. Registering does not make you a member yet, read on on how to become a member.

To become a member of the ASML Runners Club, send an email from your ASML e-mail address to with subject "New Member" stating that you'd like to become a member. In addition, pay the membership fee of €10 by transferring it to the ASML Runners Club bank account: NL34 INGB 0008 1667 11. Please add your name, ASML e-mail address and "membership fee 2024" as a description. In case you cannot add the @ sign in the description, just use 'at': first.last at

Membership runs until the end of the calendar year. It is automatically extended into the next calendar year. If you want to end the membership, please send an email stating so to one month in advance (so before December 1st), in which case your membership ends by December 31st. If you sign up after December 1st, you'll become a member for the following year (and don't have to pay for the month of December)

In case you leave ASML, you can still continue to be part of the ASML Runners Club. Without any explicit request however, your membership will end by the end of the calendar year when you leave ASML. Your membership status will change to "buitengewoon lid" if you're no longer working at ASML.